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Cali' So Live Entertainment is a multifaceted company that specializes in the development of individuals in both the artistic and business side of the entertainment industry. Launching its debut as a company in the summer of 2008, Cali' So Live Entertainment has positioned itself to set a new platform for success. With the aid of The New City Council, a non profit organization that focuses on the development of young entrepreneurs and how to position themselves as legitimate businesses, The New City Council has propelled Cali' So Live Entertainment through their Young Entrepreneur Round Table program, or, "YERT." YERT allows young business minded individuals to come to the table with their business plans, their ideas, and their innovations, to allow for a collaborative effort in achieving funding, recognition, and most importantly gaining the attention of the "powers that be" as a force to be reckoned with. Cali' So Live Entertainment has embodied this concept and continues to focus on their mission to enhance the entertainment industry by representing the importance of purpose, perseverance and persistence in the world of music.
FOR MORE INFO: E- MAIL US : calisolive@gmail.com

Sunday Breeze is BACK!!!!

Yes thats right everyone, On June 27,2010 Cali' So Live is bringing back our Sunday Breeze events at Mason Park in Chatsworth. On select Sundays this summer we will be at the park barbecuing, listening to music, playing games but most of all having an amazing time under the sun... So tell your friends and family and stay tuned for Sunday Breeze locations(all ages welcome), and other Cali' So Live updates and events this summer. Lets get LIVE!!!

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